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Contact the WCECC Office at 618-997-0137 for
information on free growth and development screenings
for children age birth to 5.

The Williamson Country Early Childhood Cooperative (WCECC) is a collaborative effort of the Carterville, Crab Orchard, Herrin, Johnston City, and Marion School Districts and the Illinois State Board of Education.  The Early Childhood model includes PreK, Parental Training, Birth to Three and Family Literacy.  WCECC emphasizes the relationship among early childhood education, parenting education and involvement, and future success in school.

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The PreK Program offers a classroom-based learning experience for children three to five and provides services for families.  Children attend the school-based program Monday through Friday for three hours each day.  Children are found eligible for the program through a developmental screening process, which includes information provided by parents.

The Parental Training Program serves families throughout Williamson County.  There is a concentration in seven designated areas of life, parent-child interactive activities, and a parent-community collaboration plan.  The focus is to provide support and guidance to parents during their child's early years.

The Birth to Three Programs utilizes Dr. T. Berry Brazelton's Touchpoints Model.  The goal is to provide parent education relating to development and nurturing of infants and toddlers and to include parent-child interactive activities.

The Family Literacy  component serves families with children birth to seven years providing adult education through local community colleges.  Parents are encouraged to find ways to foster the development of their children.

The Williamson County Early Childhood Cooperative offers area professionals who strive to teach developmentally appropriate practices, support and encourage parents, and provide information about available resources.


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Funded By:  ISBE Early Childhood Block Grant

Last Updated:  07/15/2010